Time to warm up your cold clients

Want to drive up fee income or increase sales?

If yes then you’ve probably opened up your contact book as the first step. Almost certainly there’ll be people you haven’t spoken to for a while, or even years. The project you worked on has finished and in the face of pressures of work they just slipped off your radar.  The likely result is that they haven’t placed an order or instructed you. 

Re-connect, warm them up and they’re more likely to give you work.  What’s more, if you do they’ll probably be more emotionally committed to you and your business than ever. 

But how? Cathy Connan and I can help.

We’re independent consultants who work together and separately on a range of strategic communication projects.  

I forge strategic connections by creating and delivering compelling events and private dinner programmes and Cathy focuses on devising and delivering communication and PR programmes designed to support your commercial goals.  Together we’re perfectly placed to warm up your cold clients. 

We’ve devised a simple three step programme:



Who are the top 3 cold clients you’d like to warm up? We’ll dig out their pressures and priorities. We’ll find out who they want to connect with, who they want to influence.


We’ll re-frame your messages to get your targets to sit up and listen.


Connect. We’ll make sure they hear what you’ve got to say. We’ll get the people you want to meet round a table with you, attracted by the people they want to meet.