I’ve worked with Lorraine on quite a few different projects and events and really value her knowledge and expertise. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I can always rely on Lorraine to help me plan and organise an event or project, not to mention her ability to inspire. I’d recommend Lorraine at the drop of a hat.

Karl Binder,
Managing Director


Working with Lorraine on bringing in the New Standard Works Project into the Jewellery Quarter has been fantastic.  Lorraine has so many useful connections and made sure that we were meeting the right people and developing effective relationships.  She also has been wonderful in helping us to organise tours and events to get the word out there, and she took care of all the administration and behind the scenes stuff that is needed to have an event run well. I don’t know how she does it, but Lorraine’s presence makes me feel much calmer at these things. Lorraine is always looking out for new opportunities for us and has helped us quickly build connections in Birmingham that we might not have otherwise been able to do.

Elisabeth Johnson,
Head of Operations

Argent College/ New Standard Works, Ruskin Mill Trust

We called on Lorraine to help us organise a complex event involving highly diverse groups of firms and individuals. The topic was highly sensitive and the timescale was challenging. Lorraine’s professionalism and meticulous attention to detail ensured that the event was a great success; and I was particularly impressed by the calm and assured way she managed such a difficult assignment.

Professor Monder Ram OBE,
Director, Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME)

The Department of Entrepreneurship & Local Economy, University of Birmingham

The planning and organisation of a Community Open Day for Newman University seemed to be a daunting task, especially the activation of interest and engagement of external sources in the neighbouring communities. Fortunately, we could convince Lorraine Francis to join our planning team in order to add her experience and vast net of contacts to our own internal resources. After a highly successful Community Open Day I can honestly say that we could have not done it in such an orderly, well organised and timely way without Lorraine. Lorraine provided huge energy, enthusiasm, experience and total commitment right from the beginning and with her polite, but persistent approach managed to convince several supermarkets, sports, arts and culture organisations to provide valuable prizes and to be present on the day.

Professor Peter Rolf Lutzeier,
Vice-Chancellor & Principal

Newman University

I’ve known Lorraine for many years, she’s extremely well connected, reliable and trustworthy.  She is passionate about Birmingham, sitting on various boards and committees, including mine (at Common Purpose) and Birmingham Civic Society.  As someone who’s been active in the city for a long time, across all sectors, Lorraine’s built a reputation for connecting people and projects – she works with her clients to find the most appropriate speakers, venues and topics – in turn this ensures the best fit and value for everyone involved.  I would whole-heartedly recommend Lorraine, and Weave Marketing, to anyone wanting support from a strategic relationship marketing perspective.

Louise Teboul,
Operations Director

Common Purpose

I have had the opportunity of working with Lorraine Francis over several years and can say that her grasp of the professional/financial services, public and third sectors in Birmingham and the Midlands, and how they can best connect and work together, is second to none.  Recently, I co-hosted two dinners with Lorraine, and can vouch for the strategic approach she takes to the preparations; Lorraine helps to create a trusted environment in which sensitive conversations can take place.  She has excellent strategic connections, identifying and bringing together people you would like to meet for high level invitation only private dinners.  The results were two well executed dinners, creating an atmosphere of open dialogue, calls to action and which entirely met their objectives.  If you need to connect, to position your organisation or business in the local area, I would recommend you contact Lorraine.

Caroline Coates,
Executive Partner


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