Business Brokering and Project Management

I plan, project manage and deliver programmes designed to connect and engage my clients with key communities in the city. I take the temperature of different sectors within Birmingham to determine the potential for support and give a heads up on new opportunities and important local issues.

Event delivery

Whether your goals are long term and strategic or more tactical I make sure the right people attend your event, whatever the style and format.
I can arrange sensitive bespoke meetings or workshops that require a complex combination of guests and discussion themes with a specifically targeted audience. I also plan and deliver ‘fun’ events, whether a launch, milestone celebration or open day.

Private dinner programmes

I devise and organise invitation only private dinners with a guest of honour and guest list designed to attract the attendees you want. These dinners get you and your organisation on the radar of potential clients, influencers or decision makers in the region.




I also work with a range of independent consultants on a range of strategic communication projects.  To read more about my latest programmes with Cathy Connan, please visit the following link: Warm Up Your Cold Clients.